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Sunny days at the beach mean that you need to protect your dog's eyes from the sun. Dog hats are a great way to do this. Many of the dog hats below will also match the dog dresses and dog shirts for the final touch to a magnificent outfit.

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Camo Bucket Dog Hat
Camo Bucket Dog Hat Price: $18.74
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Camo Dog Cap
Camo Dog Cap Price: $14.55
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Cowboy Hat for Dogs
Cowboy Hat for Dogs Price: $22.99
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Dog Santa Hat
Dog Santa Hat Price: $6.99
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Donner Dog Hat
Donner Dog Hat Price: $29.99
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Elf Hat for Dogs
Elf Hat for Dogs Price: $11.99
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Felt Dog Fedora Hat
Felt Dog Fedora Hat Price: $29.99
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King Dog Hat
King Dog Hat Price: $14.99
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Leprechaun Dog Hat
Leprechaun Dog Hat Price: $22.99
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Polka Dot Dog Cap
Polka Dot Dog Cap Price: $14.99
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Dog Hats and Caps for your Puppy

Looking for a great way to top off an amazing dog outfit? You should certainly consider adding a great dog hat. A hat can add an extra layer of fun, sophistication, or flare to a dog’s outfit, or be a simple way to dress up a dog who does not particularly enjoy wearing a lot of dog clothing. Hats for dogs is an adorable way to keep the sun out of your dog’s eyes while creating or completing a cute doggie outfit.

Sunny days at the beach, or even bright sunny days in your neighborhood are days that you need to protect your dog's eyes from the sun. Dog caps are a great way to do this. Dog’s eyes need protection from harmful UV rays just as much as your eyes do. You may have noticed your dog squinting into the sunlight or sticking to shaded areas on very sunny days. A dog hat will allow the dog to enjoy the benefit of shade everywhere he or she goes, allowing the dog to have fun and get much needed exercise.  

If you are committed to helping your dog stand out in a crowd and look great while doing so, the easiest way is to find the right accessories. Puppy caps are a great way to accomplish this goal. Even without the added clothes, dogs automatically look great when they are wearing a hat.

Poochie Heaven can cover all of your dog hat needs. Large dog hats or small dog caps we have them all. Whether you are looking for a dog hat for a holiday celebration, sporting event, or just a lazy summer day, you have come to the right place to find the perfect hat for your dog. There are many dog hats available, from dog santa hats, to dog top hats, to dog baseball hats. You can easily find a dog hat that will perfectly represent your dog’s playful personality while protecting their fragile eyes from the hot sun.

Puppy hats are such a simple way to have fun with your dog, make your dog look fantastic, and keep your dog healthy and happy. Hats for puppies are very affordable and are quality constructed to keep your dog covered for a very long time. Dog hats are specially designed to be fun and comfy for your pup to wear all day long. Whether you are dressing your dog up for a fun holiday event, or preparing them for a day at the beach, and dog hat will be a welcomed accessory by all.

If you would like to add even more protection to keep your dog’s eyes safe from UV rays, look into a pair of quality dog sunglasses from Poochie Heaven.

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