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Dress up your dog with some beautiful dog jewelry. We have a wide selection of dog necklaces that make a fancier addition to your dog’s neckline than a regular collar.

Add some spice to their dog collar with some fun dog charms.

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Dog Jewelry

If you love to pamper your dainty and beautiful girl dog, why should she be forced to wear a thick, bulky, bland leather or nylon dog collar? Those collars are made for dogs who act out and pull on leashes and need heavy neck support. For sweet fragile female dogs, there is a lighter, more fashionable alternative. With the help of jewelry for dogs from Poochie Heaven, you can replace your dog’s boring plain collar with a beautiful necklace for your dog.

Dog jewelry is a great way to pamper your pet and make a statement regarding how important she is to you. Show your dog, and everyone else, how much you cherish your pup with classy dog jewelry. The dog necklace fits gently around your dog’s neck and helps her look classy and beautiful. A conventional collar can easily become too constricting and irritate your dog’s neck. Conventional collars can be heavy and cumbersome to your small feminine pup’s fragile neck and make her uncomfortable.

The solution is beautiful dog jewelry to pamper your pup. Dog jewelry comes in many gorgeous and beautiful designs that will look lovely around your dog’s neck. Your dog will hardly feel the weight of the jewelry around their neck, but they will still have the benefit of a stunning necklace. A sparkling dog necklace will let your dog stand out and shine as will bracelets for dogs.

Poochie Heaven has a wonderful selection of the highest quality dog jewelry. Whether you would like an elegant pearl necklace, or a cute and colorful butterfly necklace for your sweet puppy, Poochie Heaven has limit edition crystal dog necklaces that will keep your dog looking beautiful for a very long time. There are necklaces for dogs available that will be perfect for your pooch for everyday wear, or for a formal evening. You may even add earrings for your dog to make a stunning statement.

Dog necklaces can easily accommodate any identification tags that you would like to keep with your dog at all times. It is important to have identification information on your dog in case the dog is separated from yourself. A dog identification tag can easily be attached to a dog necklace, making the necklace beautiful as well as functional.

You can now dress up your dog with ease with some beautiful dog jewelry. If you would like to dress your puppy, but they do not like to wear outfits, a dog necklace is a wonderful and elegant option. We have a wide selection of dog necklaces that make a fancier addition to your dog’s neckline than a regular traditional dog collar. With a beautiful and elegant dog necklace, when you take your dog out for her normal outings, she we look as if she is ready to strut down a red carpet

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