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Dog Nail Polish, Clippers, & Other Nail Care

Give dog manicures at home with these products!

Do you ever wish that your dog could go to the nail salon with you? How is your chance to show your pup your love and give them a dog manicure! At Poochieheaven, we have a wide range of nail care supplies- from dog safe nail polish, clippers, and more!

By starting with nail clippers, you can transform your dog’s ugly long nails, into beautiful, well painted nails! We have bottles of nail, nail art, and nail pens for those with dogs that don’t like to sit still. All the nail polish we have is 100% safe for dogs and quick drying.

We have a collection of nail polish for dogs, from your standard reds, to glitter, to glow in the dark, and nail oil for conditioning the nails. When you are finished painting the nails, finish them with some nail art!

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Nail polish for dogs may seem like a frivolous thing, but for many people, it is an added accessory, just like it is for humans. Our nail polish is available many different colors to match any outfit or occasion you will be having.

There are many uses for dog nail polish. We have many grooming salons that will purchase it as an add on service for their customer. Great for having your shop stick out! Spending time doing your dog’s nails can create a special bonding time- perfect for those newly adopted dogs!

Besides nail polish, we have several other tools that will help make caring for your dog easier. When giving your dog their manicure, you will need a pair of clippers. We have two styles available at Poochieheaven- one for large dogs and one for small dogs. We have found that a scissor style works best for smaller dogs. It is easy to use and when working with a squirmy dog, easy is better! Another item that everyone should have in their homes is styptic powder. Our styptic powder is for those times when you make an error and hit the quick and cut your dog’s nails too short. The styptic powder will stop the flow of blood!

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