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Your headquarters for interactive dog toys and durable dog toys!

Playtime with your dog is essential to building a loving relationship. That is why at Poochieheaven you will find a large variety of dog toys, including dog toys balls, plush dog toys and dog chew toys. Small dogs have different toy needs than larger dogs. One thing different size dogs all have in common is they love to play.

Picking the right toy for your dog can be difficult with the large amount of options available. There are plush toys, squeaky toys, toys for large dogs, toys for small dogs, indestructible toys, chew toys, rope toys, and many, many more. Browse through the many different options and you will find one that works best for your dog.


Dog Toys

Dog’s have different needs that can be fulfilled with the right dog toy:

  • Excess Energy: All dogs need to relieve excess energy with a dog toy that will allow them to run, chase, and retrieve.
  • Chewing: Most dogs have a natural instinct to chew. A durable chew toy will give your pup a suitable outlet to sooth its desire to chew. Without a chew toy, your dog is likely to develop destructive chewing behaviors and begin to chew on your furniture and other belongings. This is not only a great nuisance to you, but it can also be very dangerous for the dog.
  • Companionship: Dogs can find a great comfort in a snuggly plush toy. Many dogs find comfort in a plush toy that they can tote with them everywhere they go.
  • Mental Stimulation: Dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical. Interactive dog toys allow your dog to think while it plays. These toys keep the dog amused and help develop skills that make it easier to train the dog positive behaviors.

Why would you want an indestructible dog toy over a plush dog toy?


While an indestructible dog toy may cost more at first, these toys will last you a lot longer than a plush dog toy. Thus you only have to buy one toy instead of three or four toys! The cost of these three or four toys can quickly add up to more than the cost of the one tough dog toy. You also have the added benefit of not having to worry about your dog destroying the toy and making a mess or swallowing parts of the toy.

It is important to have quality toys available to your dog that are safe durable. Toys for dogs can help keep your dog emotionally and physically fit, and deter them from developing negative behaviors. When dogs become bored and under stimulated, they become stressed and can begin to act out in various ways.  Stuffed dog toys and some unique dog toys are important to have around the house. Having a good rotation of quality dog toys around the house will keep your dog happy and well behaved.

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