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Dog Coats & Jackets

Keeping your dog warm is important. Find a great selection of dog coats and jacket to keep your dog warm while on your morning or later afternoon walks.

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Aubrey Fur Dog Coat
Aubrey Fur Dog Coat Price: $39.99
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Fleece Snowflake Vest
Fleece Snowflake Vest Price: $41.99
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Harajuku Dog Jumper
Harajuku Dog Jumper Price: $36.99
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Oliver Dog Parka
Oliver Dog Parka Price: $44.99
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Swiss Alpine Ski Vest
Swiss Alpine Ski Vest Price: $24.99
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Dog Coat

Dogs are just as vulnerable to the cold as humans are smaller dogs even more so. Whether you have a large Great Dane or a petit Yorkshire terrier, it is important that you equip them with the appropriate winter clothing to prepare them for harsh climate changes. There are dog coats and jackets available that will be a cozy fit for any size dog and provide them with the protection and safety needed during a chilly evening at home or a long walk during a cold winter’s day.

Dogs need to get out of the house and stretch their legs on a daily basis. When the cold seasonal months creep in, you may find that your dog is increasingly hesitant to step out into the cold weather. Small dogs or dogs with thin fur coats especially do not enjoy the cold weather, as the cold snow and ice can come in direct contact with their skin. Exposure to cold weather can cause the dog to become ill, and no dog owners want that for their beloved pet.

The answer is a durable dog winter coat. A coat supplements the dog’s natural fur coat with durable and insulating materials that will use the dog’s body heat to keep them warm. A small dog jacket or coat also provides an extra layer of protection between the dog’s skin and the cold snow or ice. The dog coat keeps the dog’s fur covered, keeping it clean and reducing matting. With a fleece dog coat, your dog will be better prepared to face the cold weather, and he or she can go out on walks and play outside all year long.

Winter dog coats are a great way to keep your dog looking fantastic as well as warm during cold weather outings. There are many precious and chic designs available that will cater to your own preferences. If you want to make a splash at a pet friendly event, you can dress your pooch up in a stunning formal jacket for dogs. You will surely be a hit at any wedding if you bring along a pup in his own formal dog jacket. Dog jackets not only provide a valuable function by keeping your dog warm, but they also can be a very fun and festive way for a dog owner to bond with their pooch.

Think of the nights in your own home when it’s been a bit cool and you’ve reached for a blanket, or a jacket. Your dog is experiencing that same chill, and often does not have the same opportunities for warmth. There are large  dog coats and jackets that are great for your dog to wear around the house, or out on walks. There are so many designs available you can find a light dog jacket for around the home and a large thick dog coat for long outdoor winter outings. Find a great selection of dog coats and jacket to keep your dog warm while on your morning or later afternoon walks. Find the right dog coat that will keep your dog warm, cozy, and comfortable.

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