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Purposeful Dog Underwear

Dog underwear is available for both male and female dogs. It is helpful for many issues and can save your carpet, home, and the relationship with your dog.

Dog Panties

Dog panties are normally used as female dog diapers. They have many uses. They can be used for females in heat, females with inconsistency, young puppies still in potty training, and to finish off an outfit.

Dog Belly Bands

Male dog underwear is called belly bands. They go around the dog's waist and cover their male parts. They can be used to stop dogs from marking in the house, for dogs with inconsistency, and puppies still working on house training. One way to make your dog belly band more successful is to add a human pad inside to help soak up urine.

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Alice Dog Panty
Alice Dog Panty Price: $19.99
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Horse Dog Peter Pads
Horse Dog Peter Pads Price: $34.99
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Julia Dog Panty
Julia Dog Panty Price: $18.99
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Love Bug Belly Band
Love Bug Belly Band Price: $20.99
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Mimi Dog Panty
Mimi Dog Panty Price: $19.99
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Molly Dog Panty
Molly Dog Panty Price: $18.99
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Tiger Dog Peter Pads
Tiger Dog Peter Pads Price: $34.99
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Vivian Dog Panty
Vivian Dog Panty Price: $19.99
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Darla Dog Bloomers
Darla Dog Bloomers Price: $33.60
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Female Pup Pants
Female Pup Pants Price: $31.49
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Dog Diapers, Dog Panties and Belly Bands

Some dogs have more trouble than others when it comes to making it outside to use the restroom. Some dogs need a little extra help and that is where dog panties and dog belly bands step in. Dogs do not choose to have these issues, and it is unfortunate when they cause unnecessary anger and resentment to the dog. Dog diapers, or underwear for dogs can be very helpful for many issues and can save the relationship with your dog.

Dog panties provide an extra level of protection for your female dog and will keep them from accidentally causing a mess in your home. Dog panties can also reduce your anxieties when taking your female dog to other people’s homes or any other location. You no longer have to worry about your dog causing a restroom incident and embarrassing you in public. Puppy panties are available in many adorable patterns and designs and will not only be very useful, but will also keep your dog looking great.

Belly bands for male dogs are much needed. Boy dogs are notorious for marking, or urinating in the home in order to mark their territory. It is a natural instinct and they do not intend to ruin your furniture or carpets; they are just doing what is natural to them. While you are training your male puppy to refrain from this act, or if you have a male dog that just cannot seem to abandon the habit, a male dog belly band will protect your home from this behavior.

Most people want their dogs, especially small dogs, to be indoor house pets. This means potty training the pup, and that can be a very difficult, and sometimes long process. To help keep your home clean and sanitary, and keep your relationship with your pooch from becoming strained and frustrating, you should consider puppy panties or male dog belly bands to ease the process. Poochie Heaven has a wide selection or dog panties and belly bands that are sure to accommodate your dog and look great!

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