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Dog Glasses are great for those dogs that enjoy doing outdoor acting with you. These dog sun glasses will protect your dog from the sun rays, wind, and sand. Dog sunglasses are normally referred to as doggles. These designer sunglasses for dogs offer 100% UV protection, to help protect your dog's eyes from UV rays that come from the sun. They are available in many different sizes to help protect the smallest to the largest dogs.

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Sunglasses for dogs and for your Puppy

You may have seen celebrity’s dogs wearing sunglasses on the pages of magazines. Now, it is entirely possible for your dog to have the same classy and protective eyewear as those spoiled celebrity dogs. Poochie Heaven now has doggie sunglasses that are affordable and fashionable for every dog owner and every dog. Puppy glasses not only look great, but they also provide quality protection from the sun’s harmful rays while your dog plays outside. Dog Glasses are great for those dogs that enjoy doing outdoor activities with you.

Just as your eyes can be affected by bright sunlight, so can your dogs. Dog sunglasses are available with lightly tinted lens in assorted colors, or available in darkly tented shades for blind dogs, or dogs that need extra protection.

It is important to protect your dog’s eyes as they spend days out in the sweltering sun. You may notice your dog squinting into the sun or covering their eyes with their paws. With dog sunglasses, your dog can spend more enjoyable time out in the sun and keep their eyes and vision safe from harmful UV rays. Your dog will be able to stay in the sun and enjoy the outdoors for longer periods of time. By protecting your dog’s eyes now, you can reduce the risk that your dog will experience vision problems, as they grow older.

Not only do the sunglasses for dogs keep your dog’s eyes protected from the sun, but they also look great. An adorable pair of dog sunglasses can pull off a stylish and sleek look for your pup that is sure to impress. You can choose cute and fun girl dog sunglasses in lightly tinted pink or purple dog glasses, or you can choose a super cool and chic pair of dark traditional dog glasses. Poochie Heaven has many dog glasses designs that would look adorable on boy or girl dogs, with designs such as butterfly patterns or camouflage patterns. The dog sunglasses are equipped with a soft strap that helps the dog sunglasses stay snug against your dog’s face without being uncomfortable or slipping. 

Puppy sunglasses from Poochie Heaven are available in many different sizes in order to help protect the smallest to the largest dogs. Dog sunglasses are a great purchase for any breed of dog at any age. If you would like to protect your dog even more, consider pairing a pair of dog sunglasses with a dog hat.  Sunglasses make fantastic additions to complete any dog outfit.

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