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Holiday Dog Gifts

Holidays are a special time for many people and they would like to share these special times with their pets. There are many great ways to shares these celebrations with your pets- get them a new t-shirt or buy them some themed treats- either way your pet will love to be a part of the occasion.

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Other gift to be found on our website include:

 Halloween dog gifts

There are many festive Halloween dog gifts you can get for your best friend. Whether your pet dog is big or small, there are Halloween dog gifts available in all sizes from pumpkin outfits to ghosts. If you live in colder areas you can buy Halloween dog gifts for the dog who will be out and about on Halloween. You can purchase dog jackets, scarves, hats, and mittens for their feet. These are perfect for older dogs and those who hate the snow or ice that comes with colder autumn weather. If you want to feed your dog on the go while trick-or-treating there are portable dog feeding bottles you can purchase as a dog gift. These are great for traveling or for walking and have a water bottle and the dish built in. Some great Halloween dog gifts include leashes and new collars which can be purchased to match their Halloween outfit and used to walk them while collecting candy and dog treats for them. There are amphibian dog collars and leashes which boast great metal fittings and quality construction so that they can be used during rough walks and hikes or swims through the lake. Beach bum dog collars make great dog gifts as well with sunrise and surfing colors and designs for those who live in hotter climates where Halloween brings sunshine and beaches.

New Year’s Even Dog Gifts

If you are a dog lover there are endless news year’s eve dog gifts you can get for your dog and for yourself. You can enjoy your dog no matter where you are for the new year’s celebration with black and gold dog calendars, celebratory car magnets with photos of your dog from new years, new year’s eve dog gifts stockings, key chains, luggage tags, mugs, mouse pads framed in gold and black with “happy new year” printed on them, picture frames to commemorate the event, towels, and more. Other gifts you can buy are just for the dog including doggie treats, clothing, leashes, and toys. There are a variety of dog gifts accessories you can purchase as dog gifts include dog wipes which are absorbent and can be used to wipe down your wet dog or clean muddy paws. The dog wipes can be rinsed and dried and used again. A dog hat and scarf set makes a classy dog gift for dogs of any size. If you purchase a dog hat and scarf set you can add to it with dog paw mittens. Fleece mittens for dogs can keep their paws warm and protected from sharp ice which gathers around their feet.

Mardi grad dog gifts

If you are looking for dog coats as your mardi gras dog gifts, you can find great waterproof coats which cover the stomach and button on top in purple, green, and gold to celebrate the festivities. Some mardi gras dog gifts include fleece lining and are available in a variety of colors, fit for dogs of all sizes. Other dog coats for dog gifts are elegant and used for the colder climates. There is suede linings available to keep your dog warm, especially during the winter and can cover them from the base to the tail. There are some dog coats which have a faux fur collar and fleece lining in purple, green, and gold, with adjustable tummy straps to ensure they remain in place. Most of these are machine washable as well so they can be worn by your dogs throughout the mardi gras celebration. Other dog gifts for your dog include Santa coats which allow them to dress up as one of Santa’s helpers. These have simply Velcro straps which make it simple to put on and take off. Water proof coats can leave your dog warm in the winter while bright green safety coats ensure their protection.


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