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Large and Small Luxury Dog Beds

Every dog needs at least one dog bed or piece of furniture where they can relax and sleep comfortably. At Poochie Heaven, you will find a large variety of luxury and designer dog beds in sizes to fit dogs from the small Yorkie to the extra large Great Dane. You will also find a huge selection of unique dog beds in colors and styles that will go with any home decor. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, Poochie Heaven will be able to custom make you a unique dog bed that is sure to meet your needs.

Small dog beds provide your dog with a sense of security and comfort. A luxury dog bed is a place for a dog to get away from it all and relax. Small dogs like the feeling of enclosure and safety that comes with curling up in their own snuggly small dog bed. Determine your small dog’s preferences and choose one of many small dog beds available that will accommodate their favorite sleeping position.

Designer dog beds are for those dogs that need the best of the best. They won't be seen sleeping on anything else, and you wouldn’t dare ask them to either. Not only are designer dog beds very nice looking, but they also give your dog a personal space that won't stick out in your home. You may find yourself jealous of your dog’s stylish and luxurious designer dog bed.


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Dog Beds and Furniture

If you want to bolster your dog's bed even more, buying them an orthopedic dog bed is a better choice. Large and small dogs alike can develop sores and callouses by repeatedly sleeping on hard surfaces. With an extra layer of support, you will have no need to worry about this happening to your dog. Orthopedic dog beds are also great for those breeds of dogs that need a bit of extra support for their joints.

Dog Furniture is a great way to allow your dog the same luxuries as yourself, without ruining your own valuable furniture. There are wonderful dog furniture options, such as dog sofas and dog chairs, that will look as great as your existing furniture, while giving your dog a comfortable place to sit or sleep.

If you want to help make your dog feel included, a great way to do so is by providing them with their own special place in your home. Dogs need their quality relaxation time in order to be well behaved and healthy. A dog bed is a great place for the dog to unwind and feel secure. A dog bed, or a piece of dog furniture, is an excellent way to keep your dog happy and keep your own furniture like new.


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