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Large selection of airline approved dog carriers & dog backpacks

Dog carriers and dog strollers are great for transporting your dog places such as the vet's office or a friend's house. In today's mobile society you want a dog carrier for your pooch that can be used anywhere!  For small dogs, try a dog backpack or dog stroller, very convenient and not as heavy as traditional dog carriers.  Find the perfect designer or leather dog carrier or dog backpack that is airline approved for a safe time at the airport. For a dog that goes everywhere with you, a luxury dog carrier is the easiest way to transport your pet.

Carriers are a must have for small dog owners!

There are hundreds of different types of dog carriers on the market. If you never need help deciding which one is the best for you and your dog, please contact us.

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At Poochieheaven, we have a wide range of dog carriers to fit any need, budget, or dog. Due to our wide selection of dog carriers if you need help finding one that fits your needs, please contact us.

Some of our most popular dog carriers are the Alex series by Kwigy bo and any dog carrier that is airline approved.

A dog carrier can be more than a dog carrier. Some dogs, such as Poochieheaven’s own Piper, love the feeling of security that a carrier gives. There are many times when she wants to rest, she will bring herself to her carrier and take a nap. I will always leave the door open for her with a comfortable blanket inside so that she can go sleep in there when she needs too.

When purchasing a bag, there are many things to take into consideration. First, you will need to decide what the use will be. If you need for airline travel, then you will need an airline approved bag. If you need for fun, then a more stylish option can be chosen. The next thing to consider is how much your dog weighs. The travel style carriers are normally meant for dogs no more than 10lbs. After that it will come down to choosing the color and style that you like best!

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