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Check out our great selection of designer dog clothes

Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Labrador retriever, we have the dog clothes for you. Dog clothing is great for:

  • Keeping your pet warm during snowy winters with a winter coat is important
  • A cute dog t-shirt can keep your dog's fur clean during summer parties
  • Dog raincoats for spring rain storms and sun coats for dogs to prevent sunburn
  • Keep your dog looking cute at the pool party with these designer dog clothes and swim suits

Dog clothes are necessities for small dogs or those dogs with thin hair. They need the extra warmth of small dog clothing to keep them warm and prevent them from hypothermia.

Small dogs and large dogs need clothes. Whether it is a coat to stay warm during those cold winters or to look pretty for that summer BBQ. There is a large variety of dog apparel to choose from. Find dog swimwear for your dog for warm summer days, dog dresses for the cocktail parties and dog coats and sweaters, and sweatshirts for those cool fall nights watching the stars. We also have dog wedding dresses and tuxedos for you or your dog's special day and don’t forget to keep your dog warm with a winter coats for the snowy days of winter. Poochieheaven also offers big dog clothing so that your large dog doesn't get left out. And of course, don't forget the dog accessories, who doesn’t need a hats or shoes to go with their new wardrobe!

At Poochieheaven we offer a wide range of dog clothing and in various price points. With every changing inventory, new designers, and new colors being added every day, make sure to check back often to find something for your beloved fur baby!

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Dog Clothing: Large Selection for your fur kid!

While shopping at Poochieheaven you will encounter a great selection of dog clothing for your furry friend. From designer, to fancy, to cute, to practical, dog clothing is easy to find at Poochieheaven.

Our selection of dog clothes includes costumes, wedding clothes, coats, shirts, swimming wear, dresses, and much more. Make us your one stop shop for dog clothing!

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